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Al-Sheikh Stud

Sheikh Stud has become internationally known and is considered one of the largest and most competition-worthy stables in the world for Arabian horses as it won many championships and competitions, the most important of which was the World Championship in Paris

These triumphs were not the first, but the Sheikh Stud achieved a lot of success all over the Middle East, and the world as a whole, by winning the highest points average in the Tayeb 93.43 among all the junior colts category

In the year 2017, the mare "Serenza" was awarded the Silver Metal. As for 2018, there was a landslide victory for the stallion "Equator", where Mohamad Sheikh Suliman achieved the gold award and was crowned as the world champion. In the following year, the mare of the Sheikh "Algamra" stud also won the world championship and returned to the stud with the gold medal

Not to mention the local and international awards achieved by the stud over the years. The stud won gold medals in other international competitions such as the Dubai Championship, Sharjah and many others

This domination of the world championship did not stop here. In 2021, Mohamad Sheikh Suliman snatched the award for the most beautiful Arab head for the filly D-Mezian, and again in 2022 with the filly Aisha Al-Sheikh. Consecutively, this is an unprecedented achievement

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